Technology Training

Have a new device? Need a little extra help with your phone, tablet or computer? We can help! Schedule a free training session with our IT assistant!


When you call to schedule your session, please let us know what device you have and what you'd like to learn about it.

He will be available the following dates:

Wednesday, March 4 at Montrose: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

(call the Montrose Library to schedule, 570-278-1881)

Wednesday, March 11 at Hallstead-Great Bend

(call the Hallstead-Great Bend Library to schedule, 570-879-2227)

Wednesday, March 18 at Susquehanna

(call the Susquehanna Library to schedule, 570-853-4106)

Wednesday, March 25 at Forest City.

(call the Forest City Library to schedule, 570-785-5590)