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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association
for 2023 consists of:


  • President: Stephen Spero

  • Vice-President: Vickie Calby

  • Treasurer: Kathy Matis 

  • Secretary: Jim O'Pecko

  • Montrose Representative: Ann Reed

  • Historical Society Representatives: Craig Benson

  • Susquehanna Representative: Kathy Matis

  • Forest City Representative: Jim O'Pecko

  • Hallstead-Great Bend Representative: Angela Zick

  • Other Members: Dawn Augenti, Eileen Baessler, Chris Caterson, Fred Cicilioni, George Conner, Cathy Harter, Brian Lione, Joann Reimel, and William Squier

The Board meets on the third Monday of the month, at 4 p.m. The 2023 Board Meetings will be:

  1/17 @ Montrose (Minutes)
  2/21 @ Historical Society (Minutes)
  3/20 @ Forest City  (Minutes)
  4/17 @ Susquehanna  (Minutes)
  5/15 @ Hallstead (Minutes)

  6/20 @ Montrose   (Minutes)
  7/17 @ Historical Society  (Minutes)

  8/21 @ Susquehanna  (Minutes)
  9/18 @ Hallstead  (Minutes
10/16 @ Forest City  (Minutes)
11/20 @ Montrose, Annual Meeting followed by the Board Meeting  (Minutes)
12/18 @ Montrose   (Minutes)

December 2022 Board Meeting Minutes can be found here.


You may contact the Board by either dropping a letter off at your local library branch or via mail at:

SCHS&FLA Board of Trustees
458 High School Rd.
Montrose PA 18801

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