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Quarter Auction to Benefit Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association

Come out and help support the Susquehanna County Library on Thursday, April 20. 

Doors Open at 6:30 p.m. and auction starts at 7 p.m.

$5 per person to get in the door and get your first paddle.

Get your free paddles this auction by:
- RSVPing to this event on the Montrose, PA Quarter Auction Facebook Page

- Bring something from Library and Historical Society Wish List: 
- Binder Clips
- Black Sharpie Markers
- Full reams or cases of white copy paper
- Full reams or cases of colored copy paper
- Paper Towels
- Pens
- Post it Notes - all sizes
- Stamps
- Facial Tissue (unscented)
- Toilet tissue (unscented)
- White Out
- Writing Tablets (lined)

A large variety of beautiful items/baskets available to bid on. Most bids will be 1 quarter ($0.25) per paddle per bid. Also available is a  BIG combined basket with an item from each vendor that is $1 per paddle per bid, so dig deep and bid a lot on this, as it goes directly to the Susquehanna County Library.

Also, remember each month  food and drinks provided by: Catherine's Crusaders.

Join us for an inexpensive fun night out and you can go home with great brand new gift items for as little as one QUARTER!

Never been to a quarter auction? Not sure what it is? Here's a short description. It's a lot like a mix between bingo and a Chinese auction. You pay a $5 admission, which gives you your first paddle. Each paddle has a corresponding number, and the ticket goes into a bowl, while you keep the paddle.


There will be a table with a few dozen items available for you to win. Each item is a minimum of .25 to a .50 bid. Each paddle is equal to a single bid. When an item comes up for bid you put that bid amount (usually .25) into a cup on the table for each paddle you want to take a chance on. You can bid using all your paddles or just 1 or 2. If your number is called, you win that item.

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