Request for Proposals for FCC Universal Service Applications--Funding Year 2016-2017


Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association 
18 Monument St.
Montrose, PA 18801 
Phone: 570-278-1881 | Fax: 570-278-9336 | Email: erate@susqcolibrary.org



The Susquehanna County Library system consists of a main library, which houses an Outreach department, and three branches in Forest City, Hallstead, and Susquehanna (30, 17, and 20 miles away, respectively). The library system serves a population of 43,356 (2010 census) with approximately 100,000 volumes. Yearly circulation is around 200,000.

Each branch has two phone lines, one for voice and the other for fax. The main location has 3 phone lines, two for voice and one for fax.

At the main library, Internet access is currently provided by cable modem. The branches have DSL service.

Telephone Service


The Susquehanna County Library requests bids for local and long-distance service for the main library and three branches (all 570 area codes, exchanges 278 [3 lines], 785 [2 lines], 853 [2 lines] and 879 [2 lines]).

The Susquehanna County Library requests bids for one toll-free telephone number to serve outlying areas. Calls will be received at the main location in Montrose on an existing line. Incoming calls should be limited to the 570 area code.

The Susquehanna County Library requests bids for four wireless phones with service area covering all of Susquehanna County.

Internet Access


The Susquehanna County Library solicits proposals for high-speed internet access at its 4 locations, with one fixed IP address for each. Bandwidth should be adequate for at least 15 concurrent users at the branches and 35 at the main library--ideally more.