October Calendar Raffle!

This October, we are hosting our 3rd Annual giveaway at the Susquehanna County Library!


Each calendar day during the month of October, we will be raffling at least one prize. Tickets are on sale at any library location for $5 or six for $20. Purchasing one ticket makes you eligible for all the month's prizes, and you can purchase as many chances as you want!


Check out the prizes we're raffling in the slideshow!

List of Winners

Oct. 1: Collection of Spring Bulbs (Charles Rauch)

Oct. 1: $25 (Nino Bennici)

Oct. 2: $25 (Kathleen Mangel)

Oct. 2: $50 Gift Certificate to Felix Hinds Garden Center (Scott Beeman)

Oct. 3: Original Watercolor (Charles Rauch)

Oct. 3: $50 Gift Certificate to Montrose Produce (Debbie Oakes)

Oct. 4: Homemade Lap Afghan (Elizabeth Arnold)

Oct. 4: $25 Gift Certificate to Schneider's Market (Dave Suer)

Oct. 5: $30 Gift Certificate to Marcho's Florists & Greenhouses (Bridgette McKennas)

Oct. 5: $25 (Kaye Holtsmaster)

Oct. 6: $35 Leopold's Chocolates Gift Card (Janey Ransom)

Oct. 6: Price Chopper Basket w/ $40 Gift Card (Susan Gesford)

Oct. 7: $100 Gift Card to RT Griffis and Sons (Jane Holland)

Oct. 7: Wine Basket (Mike Seman)

Oct. 8: $50 Little Leaf Gift Card (Debbie Wimmer)

Oct. 8: $50 Gift Card to Armetta's Pizzeria and Pub (Randy Ransom)

Oct. 9: $100 Gift Card to Tall Pines Farms Stoves & Fireplaces (Maureen Warren)

Oct. 10: Handmade Delicacies Basket (Catherine Formosa)

Oct. 10: $50 Gift Card to Montrose Feed and Supply (Dylan Reed)

Oct. 11: $50 (Brady Thatcher)

Oct. 11: $25 Amazon Gift Card (Dottie Hagenbuch)

Oct. 11: Antique Cast0r Set (Arline Drann)

Oct. 12: Thompson Local Sweets Basket (Janey Ransom)

Oct. 12: $50 Gift Card to Dunnier's Country Store (Leanne Woodruff)

Oct. 13: $30 Germana's Pizzeria Gift Card (Rosemary Cosentino)

Oct. 13: $25 (Denise Finagan)

Oct. 13: $50 (Gina Cherundolo)

Oct. 14: Yankee Candle Bowl (Daria Onofre)

Oct. 14: Quilt (Charlene Martens)

Oct. 14: $50 Gift Card to Armetta's Pizzeria and Pub (Kelly Tracey)

Oct. 15: $50 Gift Card to the Summit Restaurant (Clint Tyler)

Oct. 15: Kitchen Textiles Basket (Kathleen Perry)

Oct. 16: $25 Gift Card to Schneider's Market (James W. Loch)

Oct. 16: $25 Gift Card to Tedeschi's (Maverick Beeman)

Oct. 17: $50 Ray's ShurSave Gift Card (Linda Cook)

Oct. 17: $25 Gift Card to Jenny Leigh's Country Cookin' (Victoria Roberge)

Oct. 18: Original Painting (R.M. Whitney)

Oct. 18: $50 Gift Card to Wild Birds Unlimited (Wendy Runkle)

Oct. 19: Dental Gift Basket (Lucas Benscoter)

Oct. 19: $50 Red Lobster Gift Card (Cindy Detwiler)

Oct. 20: $25 (Ginny Ahearn)

Oct. 20: $25 Lowe's Gift Card (Colleen Y. Wilkes)

Oct. 21: $100 (Grace Benson)

Oct. 21: $100 (Colleen Heller)

Oct. 22: $50 Gift Card to Slanted Art Co-Op (Sarah Krause)

Oct. 22: 2019 Fanciful Bird Calendar and Cards (Diane Makosky)

Oct. 23: $25 Gift Card to the Depot Restaurant (Debbie Vandermaas)

Oct. 23: $50 Gift Card to Lindsey Lawn and Garden (Rick Ainey)

Oct. 24: $50 Gift Card to TJ's Auto (Richard Stone)

Oct. 24: $25 Black's Store Gift Card (Chris Pfamatter)

Oct. 25: $100 Gift Card to Tall Pines Farms and Stoves (Nancy Burkett)

Oct. 26: $50 Gift Card to Rob's Market (James Loch)

Oct. 26: $50 (Hedi Randall)

Oct. 27: $25 Gift Card to Schneider's Market (Arlene Collins)

Oct. 27: Baked Goods Basket (Stacy Tyler)

Oct. 28: $25 Gift Card to Drinker Creek Beverage (Lisa Carperietti)

Oct. 28: $25 Visa Gift Card (Dick Mackey)

Oct. 29: $25 Gift Card to Schneider's Market (Holli Chichester)
Oct. 29: $50 Gift Card to New Milford Hardware (Gary and Linette Leatso)

Oct. 30: $100 (Brad Warren)

Oct. 30: $100 Gift Card to Montrose Sporting Goods (Ricky Gregory)

Oct. 31: $100 (George Stover)

Oct. 31: $100 (Linda Sivers)