Frequently Asked Questions

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General Library Use

How do I get a library card?

Where can I use my library card?
What is the ACCESS-PA sticker on my library card?
What if I can't get to a library?
Do I have to notify the library when I change my address or phone number?
What does it mean when my card has expired?
I can't find my card - what do I do?

Is there a limit on how many items I can take out?
How do I recommend an item for purchase?
When are items due?
Can I get a reminder before my items are due?

How much are late fees?
What is your fine policy?
What if I lose an item?
Can I return my items to a different branch?
What is membership?
Can I donate books, etc. to the library?
What is your email privacy policy? How do I unsubscribe from emails?
Where is your contact information?



Library Catalog and Accounts


Do you have a card catalog?
How do I search for items?
When I find an item in the online catalog, how do I know where to look for it?
How do I request items?
Can I receive email notifications when my items are ready to pick up?
What if you don't have the item I'm looking for?
How can I renew my items?
Why would I be unable to renew my items?
Can I keep track of what I've read/borrowed?
I forgot my PIN. What should I do?



Library Services

Is computer training available?
What online databases can I access?
What Microsoft software do you offer?
Can I install software on the library's computers?
Is wireless Internet available for laptops?
Can I fax? Print? Photocopy?
What is Babies & Books?

Do you carry tax forms?
What is Books-by-Mail?
What are deposit stations and where are they located?
Do you offer any special services for homeschoolers?

Are special services offered to teachers?
What are memorials?
Where can I find an obituary or research family history?